I just started this blog so I can rant and rave against the website Megavideo  aka Megaupload.

Initially I found MEGAVIDEO very good but it goes from bad to worse these days,  I started using MEGAVIDEO a few years back and found it so good that I got the paid version (No time viewing limits) I was able to watch in full and to the end many sitcoms and movies, I renewed my subscription on February 2nd. 2011 for 2 years (Cost 79.99 Euro’s) and since then the service has gone down hill rapidly, there are almost no moves to watch and very few sitcoms, I have contacted MEGAVIDEO several times and have gotten no response at all. (They have 8 different e mail addresses and you won’t get a reply from any of them) DO NOT pay anything to this company – MEGAVIDEO/MEGAUPLOAD.